Trying Again

I have decided to go ahead and make another attempt at blogging. Every time I tell someone how much writing has always meant to me and how much I really want to start writing again they all say the same thing, “You should write a blog!” I always give some halfhearted excuse,

“I don’t have any set area of interest.”

“It is hard for me to put the things I care about out there for other people to judge.”

“Everything I have strong opinions on are highly controversial and I don’t want to lose friends!”

“My life is defined by my family. My family are also Facebook friends…sooo….”

“I am busy. I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 2 month old.”

They are all valid excuses, each contributing to the biggest factor, which is sheer laziness, of course.

I would so much rather snuggle up next to Tanner at the end of the day and binge on Netflix. During my free moments during the day I like to do things like eat lunch, go to the bathroom, have a good cry. You know, the usual mom of toddlers stuff.

But anything I love to do is worth doing if I really love it, right?

I would feel more embarrassed about all of these confessions, but I am not alone. I think most of my Facebook friends have published a a couple blog posts and then quietly just stopped. So I am in good company.

But I really want to do it this time!


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